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Licensing information and pricing can found at the bottom of the page.  Please fill out the license request box below and we will get right back to you. All purchases include the full length, 60sec and 30sec versions of the song selected. 

Thank you from the staff, musicians and songwriters at Volunteer State Publishing. 

Volunteer State Publishing

Phil Mitchell, Owner


Music Licensing 

Audio and Visual Production Services

Recording Studio

(865) 603-1418

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Licensing Information and Pricing 

(1) Local Coverage - TV, Radio, and Internet for one city or town. $125/month, three month minimum.

(2) Metropolitan Coverage - TV, radio, and internet from high transmission stations and large metropolitan areas. (New York, Chicago, Atlanta, ect.) $150/month, three month minimum. 

(3) Regional Coverage - TV, radio, and internet covering a geographical region, North, South, East or West United States, $1000/month, three month minimum. 

(4) National Coverage - continental U.S. $3000-$10,000/month, three month minimum.  Please contact. 

(5) Global - Please contact.  

All songs and content are protected by U.S. Copyright.  Any unauthorized use is prohibited by federal law. 


License Request 

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